My Sexy Saturday is Back!

And on that note, I think I’ll share a little something from my contemporary short Stay With Me.


“Poppy, Alex? What seems to be the issue here?” Brian asked assertively, placing himself between them. “What’s she done this time to incite your fury?”

Alex sighed and pointed in Mercedes’ direction. “Mercedes was invited by your sub. And guess what? She doesn’t know about tonight’s activities, either.” A pity, that. She’d look phenomenal in a corset with that rack of hers. Remove the corset and bind those beautiful tits…His muscles tensed, and his blood began rushing to his cock. “If anything happens to her at this party, and the cops get called, I’m going to punish your sub.”


Want to read the whole thing, you can find my debut contemporary at Secret Cravings Publishing:

Also available at the following retailers: Amazon, B & N, All Romance eBooks, Smashwords

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4 thoughts on “My Sexy Saturday is Back!

  1. Wonderful snippet! Hmmm…I can think of a million ways he’d want to punish her…can’t you? Thanks for sharing and being a part of My Sexy Saturday.

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